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G. Klier

Extremely pleased with my purchase of the Hekate Tarot Deck, that also included the limited edition gift box! I wanted to write a review shortly after a chance to review the deck and accompanying booklet and had planned such following my return from family vacation (a trip involving lots of outdoors and waters so bringing it along was prohibitive) so I looked forward to my return home but then thought better I should wait and give some real time to actually using the deck as well. So I have.

First off I must say the artwork is very personalized and visually striking and most certainly evokes the power of the lady. The cards are high quality and sturdy, a pleasant surprise. Not that I assumed they would be poor, but had thought perhaps it would be more for display. There was no cutting corners and that is something to be appreciated. The deck was certainly NOT made for mere ornamentation. Not knowing the details behind how the deck was made, there are a few cards that have a skewed prospective at first glance, as though they were a picture of a picture or capture of a section of a larger work, rather than direct scans. This does not take away too much from the art itself, and might be more of a personal issue for me.

The gift box was an added bonus and is quite nice. My only negative is that the box is too small to hold both the deck and accompanying booklet. The booklet being a mere ½” too long for fitting inside. Personally I would prefer to keep them together safely as a set but this is a very minor issue.

The twenty-six Major Arcana is different and unique I believe to this deck and while first thought this may be awkward to use (being an avid user of a gifted Robin Wood deck for so many years) I have at times used my own intuitive, even whimsical, layouts for personal scrying so this was easily assimilated and made perfect sense as ascribed within the guidebook. The depth is very personal and at times even overwhelming with insight. Utilizing a five-fold path is indeed profound.

The symbolism here is all Hekate, every aspect bringing a new layer if insight. The choices of the symbols and artwork for Minor Arcana are again intuitive and meld easily. The energy of each sphere is easily grasped. The artwork is raw, vivid and thought provoking. While not heavily refined, it most certainly brings a very delicate, almost indirect, child-like bond to each card and was definitely a labor of love.

While this deck may not be for ‘everyone’ it most certainly is rich, remarkable and reflective. Any follower of Hekate would understand the choices and symbology. With minimal effort this deck easily meshes with the user. Because I follow Hekate it has a special place for me and is a very welcome addition, my thanks to the creators.